- Wound care in the One Health Perspective

We were proud to announce the launch of a new symposium at this year's conference.

The symposium is a collaborative initiative between Opens external link in new windowVWHA - Veterinary Wound Healing Association and EWMA.

Objectives of the symposium;

  • to provide a unique platform from which scientists and other experts from veterinary and human wound management and public health professionals can share new knowledge

  • to identify interfaces between veterinary and human wound research and management and build the capacity to draw on the synergies

  • to build an interdisciplinary, international network with a multidimensional perspective on wound management.


VWHA and EWMA share the goal of promoting education and research into the scientific basis and clinical management of wounds of whatever aetiology.

Further, VWHA and EWMA are dedicated to face the challenge of antimicrobial resistance and recognise that this effort must be based on the Opens external link in new windowOne Health Concept. Only through intersectorial collaboration between the human and the veterinary sector there will be a chance to combat the rise and spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Please find final programme Initiates file downloadhere.

Read more about Veterinary Wound Healing Association Opens external link in new windowhere.

The symposium took place on Wednesday 14 May from 13.00-17.00 in Room N113.