This session honoured Christina Lindholm

Christina Lindholm has published more than 70 scientific papers and 10 scientific reports on wound management and received several scientific awards. She has published the Scandinavian textbook on wounds, and several chapters in national and international textbooks. She is a well-recognised international lecturer and recognised by a wide range of professions as a leading expert on wounds. Christina is a registered nurse, PhD in Medicine (Dermatology & Surgery), senior professor at Sophiahemmet University, and a wound consultant to the Karolinska University Hospital and Dalen Geriatric hospital. In leading and influencing at an international level, Christina has been at the centre of a broad range of international ventures.

Christina has earned this distinction due to her commited life work within wound healing. She has inspired those around her with her gentle, passionate, unassuming, and yet powerful, way of being. It is said that in the quiet you are enabled to hear the dreams of others. Christina exemplifies this saying in her unique ability to listen to those around her, enabling her to fully understand their experiences and help guide them through their clinical and professional practice more effectively.

With her enormous energy Christina has pushed the boundaries of research and practice, trail blazing her way towards improving clinical practice for the benefit of patients in Sweden and beyond. Indeed, Christina co-authored a ground-breaking research paper that changed the perception of how painful leg ulcers are for patients. Through this work, Christina stressed the importance of clinicians understanding the patients’ experience, thereby bringing to the fore the significance of adopting a “human” approach to wound care.

Click here to read an article about Christina Lindholm published in the EWMA Journal April 2014 issue

The lecture took place on Thursday 16 May from 14.30-15.10 in Room N103.