ETRS session: Inflammation and Regeneration

About ETRS:
The European Tissue Repair Society, a non-profit making organisation founded in 1988, aims to promote knowledge and interchange between scientists, healthcare professionals, industry and other individuals that have an interest in tissue repair of all organs. The Society has an annual meeting and a number of focus meetings each year concentrating on different aspects of tissue repair, ranging from basic science to clinical aspects of healing.


  • To get knowledge of basic principles in wound infection and different treatment options
  • To provide information about basics and principles in wound healing
  • To provide information about current concepts for treatment of infected wounds
  • To get information about basic research in wound healing including experimental treatment options with stem cells
  • To discuss indications and the use of topical antiseptic agents and systemic antimicrobial therapy in infected wounds 


  • Jean Jaques Lataillade: Mesenchymal Stem Cells for skin repair
  • Hilde Beele: Inflammation and wound healing: a delicate balance
  • Gerrolt Jukema: Infection of Trauma Wounds: how to treat

The session took place on Friday 16 May from 08.00-09.30 in Room N111/N112.