DEBRA session: Epidermolysis Bullosa: clinicial and family expertise - the best of both worlds

About DEBRA:
DEBRA International is a worldwide network of national groups working on behalf of those affected by the genetic skin blistering condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB). DEBRA’s vision is to ensure that people living with EB have access to the best quality support and medical care, while also driving the development of effective treatments and cures.


  • To broaden knowledge of EB: epidemiology, types of EB & classification, clinical manifestations and complications.
  • Identify the care and needs of a person with EB in the different stages of life. The role of the EB nurse.
  • To introduce the available national EB resources for professionals as well as the DEBRA Spain role and projects.
  • To introduce the available international EB resources for professionals such as EB Clinet and DEBRA International.


  • Evanina Morcillo Makow
  • Natividad Romero Haro
  • Jackie Denyer

The session took place on Thursday 15 May from 16.55-17.55 in Room N105/N106.