RUT (Registry of Ulcer Treatment) – how to reduce healing time by 60% in a period of 3 years

Results from the Swedish National Quality registry RUT show that use of the structure of the registry for ulcer assessment has reduced the median healing time for hard-to-heal ulcers from 146 days in 2009, when RUT was introduced nationally, to 63 days in 2012. RUT provides a structured and practical methodology that can be used at any level in the health care system for ulcer assessment, treatment strategies, and follow up to ulcer healing.

The workshop focused on the following issues:

  • Why use RUT?
  • Presentation of online data for quality improvement and how implementation of the registry has highlighted the importance of quality of life for patients with hard-to-heal ulcers.
  • How actions to prevent pressure ulcers are related to ulcer healing, and how the registry can capture the full impact of pressure ulcers on these patients.
  • How RUT guarantees benefits for patients with leg, foot, and pressure ulcers and is a resource for international research on wound management. Dr Weller will talk about the venous leg ulcer seminar series at Monash University, "Decreasing leg ulcers by 50% in the next ten years: a call to action."
  • Discussion on how to implement RUT in Europe


  • Rut Frank Öien: Why use RUT?
  • Christina Lindholm: Pressure ulcers in RUT
  • Carolina Weller: RUT internationally
  • Discussion on how to implement RUT in Europe

The workshop took place on Thursday 15 May from 10.00-11.30 in room N111/N112.