Introduction to wound management for undergraduate students

During the EWMA-GNEAUPP 2014 conference Spanish undergraduate nurse students will got the possibility to attend a special session that introduces the basic principles of assessment and wound management.

Participation at session gave the students a unique introduction to the field of pressure ulcers, diabetic foot and wound management, both on a national and international level. Both GNEAUPP and EWMA will be represented.

  • José Javier Soldevilla Agreda and José Verdú Soriano: Pressure ulcers and other related dependence-lesions (friction, moisture, etc)
  • Sue Bale: Career options for nurses in wound management
  • William McGuiness: The value of international cooperation and student exchange within the field of wound management

The session took place on Wednesday 14 May from 12.30-13.30 in Room N111/N112.