The EWMA University Conference Model (UCM)

The EWMA UCM programme will offer students of wound management from institutes of higher education across Europe the opportunity to take part of their academic studies whilst participating in the EWMA-GNEAUPP Conference.

The opportunity of participating in the EWMA UCM is available to all teaching institutions with wound management courses for health professionals.
The UCM programme at the EWMA-GNEAUPP 2014 Conference in Madrid will offer networking opportunities between the students from various UCM groups, UCM Lectures as well as assignments and workshops arranged specifically for the UCM students.

EWMA strongly encourages teaching institutions and students from all countries to benefit from the possibilities of international networking and access to lectures by many of the most experienced wound management experts in the world.

During the 2014 conference the following lecture will be offered:

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If you would like to join the EWMA UCM programme or have questions regarding the programme, please contact the EWMA Secretariat at

The following institutions are currently participating in the EWMA UCM Programme:


Haute École de Santé                          Katho university college Roeselare
Switzerland                                            Belgium

University of Hertfordshire                 HUB Brussels
Great Britain                                           Belgium

Escola Superior de                         Universidade Católica
Enfermagem de Lisboa                  Portuguesa
Portugal                                            Porto, Portugal        

Lietuvos Sveikatos                        Danube University Krems
Mokslų Universitetas



Professionshøjskolen Metropol

The session took place on Friday 16 May from 08.00-09.30 in Room N113.