Russian Workshop II: Panel Discussion on Antibiotics versus Antimicrobials

This workshop was conducted in Russian.


Presently, there is a focus on using antimicrobials and the potential for adverse effects as the use of these products increases. It is inevitable that substantial ‘overuse’ of antimicrobials (antibiotics) will create an environment in which resistance to the products currently available and ‘superbugs’ can develop. Better understanding of the use of antimicrobials in wound care is necessary, and this need can be illustrated by discussing the controversies and issues related to the use of antimicrobials in wound care.

At this workshop the EWMA Antimicrobial document was presented and discussions on the topic of antibiotics in comparison with other antimicrobials was elaborated between experts from Russia and neighbouring countries.


  • Finn Gottrup: Presentation of the EWMA  Antimicrobial Document
  • Alex Kramer: Biological Index of Antimicrobials
  • Andreas Arndt: Choice of Antiseptic Compositions with Low Citotoxity
  • Sergey A. Shuskov: Antibacterial treatment of wounds

Please find a flyer in Russian Initiates file downloadhere.

The workshop took place on Friday 16 May from 11.30-12.30 in room N1111/N112.