Advanced Wound Care in Paediatric Patients

In general, knowledge on paediatric wound care lags far behind its counterpart in adults. To treat paediatric patients with wounds as though they are small adults is to ignore the very essence of vulnerability, potential for congenital malformations, and tenacious physiologic complexities that make these patients unique. Although paediatric wound care follows the same wound healing trajectory as adults, the management of wounds and application of adult products in paediatric patients can be challenging. Developmental characteristics of paediatric patients such as incontinence and their inability to describe pain and participate in a wound care regimen must be considered.

At this workshop several experts within the field described advanced wound care principles and the application of these principles for a variety of wounds seen in paediatric patients.


The workshop took place on Thursday 15 May from 08.00-09.30 in room N107/N108.