To introduce the impact of biofilms in wounds and implant-associated areas and to increase knowledge and understanding of difficulties associated with their diagnosis and treatment.

About biofilms:
The importance of the bacterial biofilm mode of growth is becoming increasingly recognised as improved methods to study sessile bacteria have become available. Over the years accumulating experimental evidence has shown that biofilms tolerate the antimicrobial properties of the immune system, antiseptics, and antibiotics. Biofilms have been found to play a particularly detrimental role within infections. In this respect, the increased tolerance of biofilms has strengthened the belief that a chronic infection reflects the state of growth of the biofilm.

The academic level of the biofilm workshop will be such that clinicians with some or little knowledge and experience of bacteria and wound management can participate.

There was a limited number of seats for this workshop.


The workshop took place on Thursday 15 May from 08.00-09.30 in room N114.