Infection, Colonisation, or Contamination? Is Early Diagnosis the Key?


  • Identify signs and symptoms of infection.
  • Characterise new methods of infection detection.
  • Identify methods of infection control.

We discussed and emphasised the importance of a systematic approach to ensure a thorough assessment and decrease the likelihood of a missed diagnosis. Health professionals understand how wounds become infected, but we need to increase understanding of how to recognise the signs and symptoms of infection and how to eliminate the infection once it has been identified. Participants will be introduced to the differences between a controlled facility and uncontrolled/home care setting for wound healing. We  discussed infection management beyond the standard precautions, focusing on wound cleansing, the prevention of cross contamination, and the use of cultures, debridement, and antimicrobials.


  • Paulo Alves
  • Vanessa Dias

The workshop took place on Thursday 15 May from 16.55-17.55 in room N113.