Russian Workshop I: Debridement

This workshop was conducted in Russian.


Debridement is a basic necessity to induce the functional process of tissue repair, which makes it a central medical intervention in the management of acute and chronic, non-healing wounds. The last years many different new debridement techniques have been introduced; primarily applying physical principles and forces to promote the development from acute inflammatory phase to the reparative condition. With the EWMA debridement document, which was introduced at the workshop, EWMA aims to provide an overview of the various options, including a clarification of the principal role of debridement (why and when to debride, evidence for debridement), the definition of possibilities and limitations for standard and new debridement options with specific potentials in their practical use, health-economic aspects and an algorithm for the clinical routine.

The focus of this workshop was to present the EWMA Debridement document published in 2013 and there was discussions between leading experts in the field on the selection of optimal treatment methods.


  • Georgy  P. Kozinets: Sharp and surgical debridement
  • Rytis Rimdeika: Presentation of the EWMA Debridement Document
  • Lior Rosenberg: Enzymatic Debridement
  • Sergey V. Goriunov: Tactics of surgical debridement

Please find a flyer in Russian Initiates file downloadhere.

The workshop took place on Thursday 15 May from 16.55-17.55 in room N111/N112.