Clinical Photography in wounds - Spanish

This workshop was conducted in Spanish.

Photography is currently used as a tool to document the evolution and evaluation of wounds. However, within the health sector there is no specific training on how to incorporate photographic techniques in a viable way, and this gap in training results in heterogeneous tracking of wounds. Information and initial education on the proper use of photographic tools are vital to ensure reliable documentation and high quality of the data. For example, the correct handling of light, focus, and frame is necessary to capture exactly how the wound appears with respect to shape and size.

The participant were able to:

  • Know and apply the techniques of photography in the clinical setting.
  • Be able to make practical and aesthetic judgments on the control of light and photographic equipment.
  • Be able to make changes to ensure privacy.


  • Interactive workshop with the possible use of voting pads.
  • Practice with injury models and cameras.
  • Participants can bring their own camera or smartphone.


  • Pablo Lopez Casanova
  • Gloria Segura Jorda

The workshop took place on Friday 16 May from 11.30-12.30 in room N1105/N106.