Home Care Wound Care – What are the challenges, what can be done? A European Initiative by EWMA


This key session introduced and discussed the EWMA Home Care–Wound Care document that was published in 2014. The session introduced participants to issues related to the management of non-healing wounds in Europe, which has gone through a dramatic shift in the location of service delivery from hospital towards home care settings. As a consequence, an increasing number of wounds with complex pathologic pictures due to untreated patient co-morbidities are now treated at home. Previously, there were no guidelines covering the subject of home care wound management from a clinical perspective and no recommendations of the minimal requirements to provide the best care and support the empowerment of informal carers and patients with non-healing wounds in the home care setting. Based on literature reviews in combination with expert opinions across different sectors and areas of expertise, the EWMA document was designed to give an overview of the major current approaches to the organisation of wound care within home care settings and to identify possible barriers, challenges, and opportunities for providing modern, cost-efficient, interdisciplinary wound care.

This key session described current recommendations and initiate a debate on how to manage non-healing wounds at home. The discussion focused on the importance of having a certain level of the appropriate skills and gave recommendations for the interdisciplinary set-up required for wound care in the home care setting. This session has equiped participants with the specific knowledge and skills required to provide best practice in wound care in the home care setting.


The session took place on Friday 16 May from 08.00-09.30 in room N101/N102.