Poster instructions

If your abstract is accepted for a poster presentation you can choose to present your studies either as an electronic poster or as a paper poster (except case studies and professional communication, which will only be accepted as e-posters).

Please observe the following when you prepare your poster:

Electronic posters

E-posters are on display throughout the whole conference on multi media touch screens situated in the poster area in the Exhibition hall. All E-posters are available on all screens.

Basic guidelines:

  • The accepted format is a PDF document
  • Vertical orientation has to be used
  • Upload must be completed by May 10th 2014

Click here to view guidelines for: Initiates file downloadElectronic Poster Guidelines

Why make an electronic poster

  • E-posters are intended to provide a display of information that is not possible with a traditional printed poster.
  • By choosing an ePoster instead of a paper posters you avoid the usual hassles and annoyances related to transporting (i.e. large poster tubes) to and from the conference.
  • With a e-poster you can make last-minute updates or corrections to your poster presentations, which you cannot do with a printed paper poster.
  • The preparation and printing costs are huge, along with risks of damaging or tearing the paper posters during the process of pinning them up.
  • Digital format using presentation software allows users to be more interactive with their presentation audience and to provide more dynamic, visually interesting presentations.


Paper posters

Click here to view guidelines for: Paper Poster layout

All posters should include title, name of authors, institution, city and country.

The lettering of the title should be at least 25 mm high and the main text at least 10 mm high. The poster should be easily readable from a distance of 2 meters.

The language of the poster is English.

The measurement of your poster should be approximately A0 Portrait, (maximum 120 cm high x 90 wide - 47 in. high and 34 in. wide).

Please bring your poster to the conference yourself - do not send it.

You will recieve your poster number via email before the conference. The EWMA Conference Secretariat provides equipment for setting up the posters on the boards.

Posters can be mounted Tuesday 13 May 2014 17.00-20.00, or Wednesday 14 May 2014 08.00-11.00.

All posters must be removed at the latest Friday 16 May 2014, before 15.30.   

The Conference Secretariat takes no responsibility for left or damaged posters.

All e-posters and printed posters will be evaluated for the poster prizes. Find more information about the prizes under the abstract heading.

Poster regulation 

  • Advertising matters/corporate logos should be avoided on the poster.
  • Sponsored posters should be identified by a text like: this work has been made possible by an educational/research grant from "X Company".
  • Poster handouts must comply with the same policy


Poster sessions

E-poster sessions

E-poster sessions will be held at 4 screens placed in the paper poster area in the lunch and coffee breaks during all three conference days (except case studies and professional communication).

Each E-poster will be displayed in 3 minutes, where you are kindly asked to be present to discuss your poster with other participants.

In this time you are welcome to step forward and say a few words or to stand next to the screen. When the 3 minutes have passed, the next E-poster will be shown on the screen.

Each session will have a chairperson, who often has a specific interest in the theme of the session. We also encourage all presenters to stay in the area to discuss their poster with other participants.

Printed posters

Time slots for each poster category will be announced in the final programme for all printed posters. There will be no formal or chaired presentation, but during the timeslot for your poster category, you are invited to present and discuss your poster with other participants with an interest in your specific field.