History in Brief

The GRUPO NACIONAL PARA EL ESTUDIO Y ASESORAMIENTO EN ULCERAS POR PRESIÓN Y HERIDAS CRÓNICAS – GNEAUPP is the leading institution in the field of wounds and pressure ulcers in Spain. It is a interdisciplinary independent scientific group founded in 1994 and has more than 4.650 members.

Aims and objectives:

  • Join and represent health professionals and others interested in the study of pressure ulcers and other chronic wounds, to add their activities.
  • Encourage and promote the figure of these professionals in the field of chronic wound care with any other activities necessary or convenient to do so, and representing those professionals.
  • To promote, strengthen and serve the interests of a formative nature, technical, cultural, academic, and in general, those matter within the scope of their partners, with strict respect for trade union legislation and professional associations. GNEAUPP is a private non-profit and its purposes excluding those of a union or labor.
  • To guide, advise and cooperate with public and private agencies as well as many state institutions, public or private for-relate with Pressure Ulcers and Other Chronic Wounds or necessary for raising the personal and collective level associates.
  • Maintain relationships and exchanges with societies and national and international groups dedicated to these processes, as well as many institutions and organizations of interest to the projection of associative purposes.
  • Organize all kinds of cultural, social and scientific on the multiple aspects of attention and care of pressure ulcers and other chronic wounds that contribute to their best knowledge and progress.
  • Cultivate and maintain a constant relationship between the professionals involved in these processes for personal and professional improvement thereof.
  • To encourage the disclosure of the activities of this group, as well as work partners and experiences through journals, publications, etc., which are considered appropriate for this purpose.

Explicitly, GNEAUPP have intensified their work to try:

  • Sizing the problem of pressure ulcers and other chronic wounds in our country, in its depth epidemiological, economic, ethical and legal.
  • Educate society to the severity of these health problems to get reduce its incidence and prevalence.
  • Assist families in their role as carers to improve preventive care to these injuries.
  • Assist in the genesis, discussion and dissemination of scientific knowledge that allows different professionals involved in the care of pressure ulcers and other chronic wounds develop a comprehensive and safe care practice based on the latest scientific evidence.